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The Evolution of Diversity in the Entertainment Industry with Sean Joell Johnson

The views expressed on today’s program are those of the speakers and are not the views of Today’s Workplace, the speaker’s firms or clients, and are not intended to provide legal advice. Summary: The corporate world has had to move quickly to respond to the current demand for social justice sweeping across the country. The…

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Analytics and Diversity Metrics w/ Jon Geier and David Cohen of DCI Consultants

The entire corporate world is in flux regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion because of the increased demand for social justice and transparency. Independent pressure groups like employees’ unions and societies at large are pushing corporate entities to be more transparent, equitable, inclusive, and diverse. Our guests Jon Geier and David Cohen of DCI Consultants discuss the impact of data analytics on DE&I projects and how you can use this tool effectively for improving diversity, equity, and inclusiveness in your organization.

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Diverse & Inclusive Workplace: A spotlight on the LGBTQ Experience with Rob Falk

As the workplace continues to evolve and develop new diversity and inclusion programs, it has become increasingly important to understand the LGBTQ experience and the challenges they face. Our guest Rob Falk is a global thought leader on legal and business issues affecting nonprofit organizations. In this episode, Rob helps guide us through the issues facing the LGBTQ community in the workplace and shares the steps employers should take to ensure diversity and equity for the LGBTQ community.

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The Shift in Diversity and Inclusion Priorities after Me Too and Black Lives Matter with Grace Speights and Chai Feldblum

The second epidemic impacted our communities last summer, after the murder of George Floyd and the period of social justice and racial reconciliation that followed. Join us as we will discuss the history and evolution of workplace discrimination and DE&I efforts employed by corporations, a year after the Me Too movement and Black Lives Matter protests with our guests Grace Speights and Chai Feldblum on Today’s Workplace. Learn what changes have taken place over one year.

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The Evolution of Workplace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Era of Social Justice, Part Two

The need for diversity and inclusion is an ongoing issue in the current workplace. Join us for the second season of Today’s Workplace, as we tackle the strategies and approaches that companies can take to deal with this problem.

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The Evolution of Workplace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Era of Social Justice, Part One

Companies are now recognizing the importance of incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and this change has only become more evident after the untimely death of George Floyd. Join us for season two of Today’s Workplace as we discuss the ways companies attempt to incorporate a sense of inclusion in their work environment.

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2020 Recap with Barbara Johnson, Belinda Reed Shannon and Vinnie Potestivo

As the first season of Today’s Workplace comes to a close, our co hosts review the topics and issues discussed in the year 2020. Join us now as we reflect on the numerous subject matters and guests that have made it on the show, with your hosts Barbara Johnson and Belinda Reed Shannon, and special guest Vinnie Potestivo.

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The Future of Recruitment after COVID-19 with Michelle Campbell & Robert Spencer

Companies have been forced to make several adjustments to their work dynamic. This includes how to go about recruiting their workers during COVID. Join us today with our guests Michelle Campbell and Robert Spencer as we discuss the changes within the recruitment spaces and the process of hiring in a Pre-COVID work environment.

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The impact of the pandemic on essential workers with Donna Hughes and Ashley Ridgeway Washington

At the beginning of the pandemic, healthcare workers were on the frontline when it came to dealing with COVID-19 patients. Join us now as we discuss how HR executives within healthcare organizations have dealt with concerns for employee safety and return to work protocols with our guests Ashley Ridgeway-Washington and Donna Hughes on Today’s Workplace.

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OSHA on the Move with Courtney Malveaux

Since early March, safety standards on COVID have been constantly evolving for people in the workplace. Join us today with our guest, Courtney Malveaux as we talk about OSHA standards, cause for citation, and what employers can do to keep up with the changes.

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